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About Us [top]
Here at Chris Ewing Karate Club (CEK) we train in the style of karate known as Wado-Kai which is a blend of traditional Japanese Karate and Jujitsu.
CEK are members of the Scottish Karate Federation which is affiliated to the Scottish Karate Governing Body and is regulated by Disclosure Scotland.

The Scottish Karate Federation was founded in 1970 and is now recognised by Sports Scotland (funded by the National Lottery) and was formerly the Sports Council Scotland.
Chris Ewing started karate in 1986 aged 6 at Meadowbank Karate Group run by Hamish Adam 8th Dan. Chris progressed through the various 'Kyu' grades and received his black belt 1st Dan in 1994, his 2nd Dan followed in 2001, 3rd Dan in 2005 and has recently passed his technical assessment for his current 4th Dan.
Instructor [top]
History [top]
2005 saw Chris open his first club in Portobello Community Centre. As the years have passed his reputation has grown and now has clubs in over nine different areas of Edinburgh and the Lothians, even as far a field as Dunblane. All Chris's clubs continue to do well and grow.
CEK has various classes ranging from junior kids & advanced kids / adults to dedicated kata & Kumite (fighting) classes.
Children are accepted at the clubs from the age of 4 upwards and parents of the children are always welcome to stay and watch or better still join and learn the art of Karate. For current club locations and class times please refer to the class details page found here.
Grading Structure [top]
The Scottish Karate Federation have set a grading syllabus that all junior members sit to progress through their grades. The first two grades; yellow and orange belts are achieved during normal class time and are classed as encouragement grades which are not to difficult to achieve and do not have a fee set against them. For upper grades of junior green, blue, purple and brown belts a formal grading examination is required along with the member holding a current Scottish Karate Federation issued licence, renewed yearly. These grades are held every three months and a nominal fee is set against this which covers the grading examination along with the awarded belt if achieved. After completion of the the junior grades your child will move to the formal 'Kyu' grade system which is the same level as required by an adult member, these examinations are also held every three months and again has a nominal fee covering the examination and new coloured belt if achieved.

The gradings to be achieved are as follows:
White Belt
9th Kyu -
White Belt (Beginer)
8th Kyu -
Yellow Belt
7th Kyu -
Orange Belt
6th Kyu -
Green Belt
5th Kyu -
Blue Belt
4th Kyu -
Purple Belt
3rd Kyu -
Brown Belt
2nd Kyu -
Brown Belt
1st Kyu -
Brown Belt
1st Dan -
Black Belt
Junior Yellow Belt
Junior Orange Belt
Junior Green Belt
Junior Blue Belt
Junior Purple Belt
Junior Brown Belt
After progressing through junior and Senior Kyu grades your child will be eiligible to sit their Dan grade (black belt) examination.
Benefits [top]
Karate is a fun and useful sport it can help children who have social or confidence issues and the kids are often required to support each other and build up team and club spirit. They will make new friends and might see a few familiar faces from their school classes as Chris works with all the Active Schools Co-ordinator's in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Often Chris takes part in Lothian Health Weeks by giving taster sessions at many Primary Schools. The training sessions also provide a positive outlet for excess or built up energy. More importantly it is an excellent way for your child to increase their fitness and have fun while doing so. We regularly attend competitions, and this builds up the childs confidence. If a child show's promise and dedication then they will be picked for Chris's "Elite" fighting team. This can take them all over Great Britain and Europe, which is a wonderful opportunity and learning experience. To fund these trips we hold regular fund raising events and we reward the children with "Fun Days" out. Chris Ewing Karate is always keen to hear from any kind of sponsors and this will be recognised on the childrens sports kit (joggers, t-shirts and hoodies) at competitions.
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8th Kyu -
Brown Belt Yellow Tag
7th Kyu -
Brown Belt Orange Tag
6th Kyu -
Brown Belt Green Tag
5th Kyu -
Brown Belt Blue Tag
4th Kyu -
Brown Belt Purple Tag
3rd Kyu -
Brown Belt Red Tag
2nd Kyu -
Brown Belt Double Red Tag
1st Kyu -
Brown Belt Black Tag
1st Dan -
Black Belt
Remember its CEK team pool Group 2 this Saturday           
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March 2015

3rd March - Senior Squad Selection
Congratulations to our Olivia Hand at being selected to represent Scotland at the European Senior Championships later this month in Turkey. Olivia is the first CEK member to ever be selected as part of the senior squad and we all wish you and the rest of the Scottish squad the best of luck.
1st March - SKF Championships
Last Sunday saw the Scottish Karate Federation Kumite Championships held at Meadowbank in Edinburgh. CEK took along over 80 entries to the championships and got a return of 14 gold, 10 silver & 21 bronze which was enough to make CEK the top club at the Championships
As most of our followers know by now CEK are planning to take a small selection of competitors across to Japan later in the year to compete in the World Championships and as such we have started to fund raise to help get them and the coaches over there.
It is with great pleasure that we can announce that PJ Green Building Services has become the title sponsor of CEK and this is reflected by their inclusion on our web site header and will soon be appearing on club t-shirts etc. In addition to this title sponsorship we would like to thank the following companies for their kind donation towards the Japan fund:
SJS Property Services
Primary Decor Ltd
Edinburgh Fabrication Ltd
CTD Joinery
BPS (Scotland) Ltd

If you know of anyone else that is willing to contribute then please have them contact either Chris or David Ewing at the club.
8th March - Penrith Jnr & Cadet C'ships
This past weekend saw CEK board the battle bus down to our friends in Penrith for the 9th Chojinkai Junior & Cadet Open Championships. Most of our fighters were on top form that day so much so we brought home a huge haul of medals, 25 gold, 14 silver & 22 bronze. Excellent effort from everyone, lets keep up the standard for the upcoming competitions.
Special mention goes to Kori Fital who came home with 5 gold medals all of which are pictured above.

February 2015

7th Feb - 1st Grass Roots Competition
CEK held their 1st ever grass roots development kumite competition today, it was great to see all the kids that turned up to have a go we are really proud of you and hope you are hungry for more. Don't worry if you didn't win one of the main medals with hard work and dedication your time will come. Ensure and check out the new grass roots page where you can check out the points totals following each of these events.

Thanks goes out to all our senior members for helping out by refereeing, flagging, table scorers / time keepers, first aiders or simply helping with smooth running of the day.
8th Feb - Local Radio Shout Out
Today CEK had a spot on a local radio channel to discuss who we are, what we do and the upcoming events planned, especially the proposed trip to Japan to compete in the World Wado Championships. Ensure and check out the spot by visiting the link below. Many thanks to Radio Saltire

14th Feb - Belfast Open, Ireland
The first competitive competition of the year saw CEK endure a long coach trip coupled with a ferry crossing over the Irish Sea to take part in the North South Open Championships held in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The return journey straight after the competition was made all the more bearable in the knowledge that we took home 19 gold, 8 silver and 11 bronze. Fantastic start to the year guys lets keep it up.
15th Feb - East Whitburn Championships
Even though half our competitors only got back from Northern Ireland very early in the morning they still turned up to compete in the East Whitburn Championships in the new venue of Blackburn Community Centre. Although the results were slow in coming in the morning we made up for it in the afternoon so much so that CEK finished the day as the top club. Final medal tally on the day was 5 gold, 9 silver & 9 bronze.
21st Feb - Ishoj Cup, Copenhagen, Denmark
4 CEK members were selected to compete in the Ishoj Cup in Denmark over the weekend as part of the Scotland squad. All 4 done themselves proud in that they all came back with medals 3 of which were gold & 4 bronze. Fantastic effort by Rebecca Craig, Claire Logan, Greg Anderson & Olivia Hand well deserved.
22nd Feb - 1st Wishaw Grand Prix
This weekend saw the first grand prix of the year held in Wishaw. This was the first competition of the year that CEK managed to take their usual large squad to and it was good to see so many of you hungry for success following the winter break. It was a fantastic day on the tatami with us returning with 11 gold, 9 silver & 18 bronze medals.
Its the SKF Open Championships next weekend lets keep up the great start to the year guys.

January 2015

Ensure and check out the events page as there has been a few changes to some of the competition dates already.
Calling all parents, we are looking to get more of you guys on the mats training with your kids so come along and give it a go your first class is FREE. The hardest part is getting your bum of the seat.....

We will also be looking to start a new kata / fight class on a Thursday at Dunbar (class details TBC in due course)

If you are looking to step up your child's training for competitions / gradings we have spaces left in the following classes:

Monday - Tranent 6.30-7.30pm (kata/fight class)
Tuesday - Tranent 7.30-8.30pm (Dan grade class)
Wednesday - Longstone 7.30-8.30pm (Dan grade class)
Thursday - Dunbar TBC (kata/fight class)
Friday - Jack Kane 1.30-2.30pm (Jnr kata -4th Kyu)
Friday - Jack Kane 2.30-3.30pm (Jnr Fight Class)
Friday - Jack Kane 3.30-4.30pm (advanced kata / Dan grade)

If you would like a space then please contact Chris either by email or via the Facebook page.

December 2014

30th Nov - CEK Inter-Club Championships
Last weekend saw the annual inter-club championships held in Portobello High School, well done to all that took part especially those doing a competition for the first time, great fighting and lots of future stars. Many thanks go out to those that helped from setting out matts, providing / running  the bake sale, the Elite squad doing coaching duties and getting kids organised and last but not least the referees for giving up yet another Sunday.

For all the new members today I'm very proud of you all for taking part, some even placed today. It doesn't matter if you won or lost, it's about taking part and getting experience. If you keep going your day will come - Chris

For a full list of all the medal winners click here.
Please note the following changes to the class schedule over the xmas break:

Dunbar - last class 15th Dec, opens 12th Jan
Tranent (Monday) - last class 15th Dec, opens 12th Jan
Tranent (Tuesday) - last class 16th Dec, opens 6th Jan
Gracemount - last class 17th Dec, opens 7th Jan
Longstone - last class 17th Dec, opens 7th Jan
Prestonpans - last class 18th Dec, opens 8th Jan
Jack Kane - last class 19th Dec, opens 9th Jan
Portobello - last class 20th Dec, opens 10th Jan

For the super keen and fighters (elite squad) there will be a fight / fitness class to keep you fit and sharp and to burn off some of those pounds on the 3rd Jan 12-2pm at the Loch Centre, Tranent. All fighters competing early 2015 should attend.
ANNOUNCEMENT - Tranent (Tue) Class
Please note that due to the school gym hall being in use for the P1 xmas show on Tuesday 9th December the classes will be shifted to St. Martin's Primary School in Tranent (across from the big Co-op), 6.30-8.30pm. There will be no 5.30-6.30pm class held. If you are not in the P1 show make sure you are training for the grading this coming weekend.
CEK are delighted to report that for the 5th year in a row we have exceeded our previous years total medal count. This year we have managed to take 1358 medals from 30 competitions. This is a fantastic achievement that you should all be proud of. Lets see if we can break the 1400 barrier in 2015. For those that are interested the graph below charts and compares all previous years from 2009 to 2014. As can be seen 2014 was looking like we weren't going to do it but a very strong end to the year when it would have been easy to blame a long season on poor results near the end didn't materialise and we pushed on through 2013's total of 1190
Calling all parents, we are looking to get more of you guys on the mats training with your kids so come along and give it a go your first class is FREE. The hardest part is getting your bum of the seat.....

We will also be looking to start a new kata / fight class on a Thursday at Dunbar (class details TBC in due course)

If you are looking to step up your child's training for competitions / gradings we have spaces left in the following classes:

Monday - Tranent 6.30-7.30pm (kata/fight class)
Tuesday - Tranent 7.30-8.30pm (Dan grade class)
Wednesday - Longstone 7.30-8.30pm (Dan grade class)
Thursday - Dunbar TBC (kata/fight class)
Friday - Jack Kane 1.30-2.30pm (Jnr kata -4th Kyu)
Friday - Jack Kane 2.30-3.30pm (Jnr Fight Class)
Friday - Jack Kane 3.30-4.30pm (advanced kata / Dan grade)

If you would like a space then please contact Chris either by email or via the Facebook page.

November 2014

23rd Nov - SKGB Scottish Kumite C'ships
This past weekend saw the last regular competition of the calendar year and it was one of the big ones The Scottish SKGB Kumite Championships. As usual CEK took a large squad with high expectations of returning with a good medal haul that would hopefully go towards breaking last years total yearly medal haul. Well it is with great pride & pleasure to report that the 12 individual golds, 6 team golds, 12 individual silvers, 5 team golds, 8 individual bronzes & 9 team bronzes takes us past last years total of 1190 medals to a current total of 1204 medals with the club championships still to come.

Well done to all the medal winners this year and if you didn't medal but still entered then you are also a winner as it takes a lot of courage to get on the tatami to compete at any level.
16th Nov - Belgium International Open
CEK had 5 memebers (Olivia Hand, Claire Logan, Rebecca Craig, Morgan Cunningham and Aaron Jardine) selected as part of the Scotland squad to compete in the Belgium International Open in Leuven. Congratulations goes to them for returning with 1 silver (Olivia) & 2 bronze medals (rebecca & Aaron).
1st Nov - European Wad-Kai Championships
Greg Anderson was recently selected to compete in the Kata section as part of the Scotland squad at the European Wado-Kai Championships in Varese, Italy however he ended up also competing in the Kumite section as well and managed to take a well deserved silver medal. Unfortunately he was not able to actually compete in the final due to suffering concussion from some heavy blows in previous rounds. Well done and speedy recovery.
1st Nov - Halloween Fancy Dress Fundraiser
While Greg Anderson was away in Italy competing for his country the rest of the club were dressing up in fancy dress for a fund raising night at The Wiremill Club in Musselburgh. There were some fantastic costumes on display which made recognising some folk near impossible. Hope everyone had a great night.

October 2014

25th October - Gothenburgh Open, Sweden
CEK went on their European travels recently by taking a select squad to Sweden to compete in the Gothenburg Kumite Open. This was an extremely high standard competition and it is very pleasing to report that the squad stepped up to the challenge and showed these Scandinavians what us Scots are all about by managing to plunder 12 gold, 5 silver & 6 bronze medals.
Well done to you all and are a credit to your club and country by the way you all handled yourselves on and off the matts.
Last Sunday saw the final grand prix meeting of the year in Wishaw. As Chris & Davie were still with the select squad in Sweden coaching duties were carried out by Willie Leslie & Al Lonie. Hopefully this didn't affect the performance of those from CEK that were competing. Final tally of medals for the day was 5 Gold, 4 Silver & 13 Bronze.
Congratulations also goes to the following as they became the Grand Prix champions for their categories:
Orla McDonald
Caitliin Peebles
Joe Gallagher
Kori Fital
Ben McCabe
Brodie Mackay
Claire Logan
Morgan Cunningham
Struan Ritchie
Cameron Duff
Greg Anderson
Kirsty Jamieson
26th October - 4th Wishaw Grand Prix
19th October - Central England 2nd Int Open
CEK Sponsored Flying Kicks - (Correction)
As is now customary at this time of year CEK held their annual sponsored event where every student has the opportunity to raise funds for either new kit for themselves or contribute to the club funds. This year everyone was to do as many flying kicks in 90 seconds. Congratulations to the following people who achieved the most in this time period at each club. A gold medal has has been added to the medal table tally for each of you.
Dunbar - Lucy Richards
Tranent - Neve Ewing
Gracemount - Adam Brogan
Longstone - Courtney Szabo
Portobello - Greg Anderson & Cameron Duff
5th October - Toshido-Do Karate C'ships
Last weekend saw the CEK battle bus get another outing traveling south to Stockton On Tees to complete in the Toshido-Do Karate Championships. The early start was rewarded with 11 gold, 6 silver & 13 bronze. Special mentioin goes to Kirsty Jamieson who competed in the female seniors kumite and came up against a former 2x world champion but came away with a well deserved silver.

Due to the October mid term holidays the following restricted class training schedule will be run:
Dunbar - Closed
Tranent - Closed
1tranent - 1 combined class from 7.30-8.30pm at The Loch Centre
Gracemount - Closed
Longstone - Closed
Prestonpans - Closed
Kack Kane Ctr - Only the advanced Kata & Fight classes from 3.30pm-5.30pm are on. The first 2 junior classes are closed.
Portobello - 9am class closed all other classes from 10am on as normal. Those that normally train in the 9am class are welcome to come along to the 10am class.
Last weekend saw CEK run 2 battle buses for the very long journey down to Birmingham to compete in the 2nd Central England International Open Championships. This was a competition with a very high standard of competitor and it was very pleasing to report that our squad didn't disappoint again as they fought there way to return home with plenty of medals, trophies and cash! The final tally was 17 gold, 15 silver & 13 bronze. This medal tally made CEK the top club at the championships and earned us 200 prize money towards the club funds. Massive well done to everyone that took part and especially those that medaled.

September 2014

7th September - SKF Kumite Championships
This past weekend saw the Federation kumite championships held at Meadowbank Sports Centre, well done to all that took part and especially to those that turned up early to help on tables and with general organisation around the competition area. CEK returned with 15 gold, 11 silver & 19 bronze medals.
27th Sept - British International Open
Last weekend saw the biggest tournament of the year held in the impressive Emirates Arena in Glasgow which was a recent  Commonwealth Games venue. CEK taking part as SKF competitors managed to bring home 16 British International Open titles, 15 runners up and 25 bronze medalists. Well done to everyone that took part especially if you medaled. Special mention goes to Cara Murie who has been out of competitive action for a large part of the year but returned to the tatami recently and came away from Glasgow as a 3x British Open Champion, massive well done from everyone at the club.
20th-21st Sept - Banzai Cup, Berlin, Germany
CEK went off on there travels to the capital city of Germany to take part in the Banzai Cup. There was a strong squad of 30+ competitors flew out on the Thursday for a day of sight seeing before a weekend of high standard competition. Those that travelled did the SKF proud as they managed to return with 3 gold, 4 silver & 13 bronze. This helped the SKF finish 4th overall in the medal table of clubs / associations that took part.

August 2014

31st August - 3rd Wishaw Grand Prix
Last Sunday saw the start of the second half of the competition year with our regular trip to Wishaw to compete in the 3rd grand prix meeting of the year. It was good to get competing again and CEK continued where they left off before the summer break by taking home 13 gold, 10 silver & 19 bronze medals. Well done and lets keep it up next week for the SKF Championships

July 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT - Summer class schedule
Please note that there has been a change to the start back date of the Gracemount class. This class will now resume Wednesday 13th August, 1 week earlier than previously indicated.
For a full list of the summer class schedule please click here.
Please note that due to the inclement weather that is forecast for tomorrow we have decided to postpone the BBQ until Sunday 24th August. Same venue at Dalkeith Country Park 1pm to 5pm. If you can't make this new date then please let Val or Chris know and you will get a refund on your ticket which will allow us to offer them to folk on the waiting list.

June 2014

29th June- Hartlepool WadoKai Cships
Well what a way to finish the first half of the season. After an early start on the battle bus our guys performed at the top of their game to bring home medals in kata, kickmaster & kumite. Our final tally was 23 gold, 20 silver & 16 bronze.
ANNOUNCEMENT - Upcoming Holidays
With the upcoming school summer holidays please download the holiday schedule by clicking here.
Also note that the summer camp is on between 4th to 8th August @ the Jack Kane Centre. Once again there will be 2 classes, 10am-12pm & 12pm to 2pm. Chris will let you know what group you are in nearer the time.
Please also note that if you take the summer off from training then don't expect to be grading in September as you need to train regularly to be considered.
22nd June - Cumbrian Open Championships
The CEK battle bus was once again pounding the tarmac down to Penrith to compete in the Cumbrian Open. It wasn't just the road that took a pounding as clearly our fighters were up for dishing it out themselves as they managed to return with 18 gold, 15 silver & 21 bronze. Great effort from everyone.
22nd June - SKF Kata Championships
Following on from last weekends success at the SKGB Kata championships CEK took along another select squad to the SKF Kata competition held once again at Meadowbank. Once again we managed to bring home the following kata medals, 3 gold, 1 silver & 6 bronze.
ANNOUNCEMENT - 3 Generations of Ewings
With Neve passing her black belt grading last Saturday she became the 3rd generation of Ewing's to achieve black belt status. This is a fairly rare scenario, so much so that they made the local paper. Check out the article in the Edinburgh Evening News by clicking here.
ANNOUNCEMENT - Black Belt Grading
Well done to Kori Fital, Neve Ewing, Lucy Cain & Cameron Duff for passing their 1st Dan black belt grading tonight at Meadowbank. You have all worked really hard for it and have "earned" it.
Everyone at the club wishes the following members all the best of luck and good fortune as they go forward for their black belt grading this weekend.
Kori Fital, Neve Ewing, Lucy Cain & Cameron Duff
1st June - 2nd Wishaw Grand Prix
This weekend saw the 2nd Grand Prix meeting of the year which was attended by CEK members helping us to return with 13 Gold, 13 Silver & 18 Bronze medals.
15th June - SKGB Kata Championships
CEK took along 9 members to the national Kata championships held at Meadowbank this past weekend. All performed extremely well and managed to bring home 5 gold, 4 silver & 2 bronze medals. Of the 5 gold 3 of these we taken in the "All Styles" section beating more recognised kata styles. Special mention should go to Kori Fital who came home with 4 Gold medals.

May 2014

17th May - British 4 Nations (Updated)
What a fantastic day of competition in a fantastic venue. CEK took a squad of 60 members through to the Emirates Arena to compete in the British Home Nations Championships, the second biggest event on the calendar after the British international Open. This clearly didn't faze our members as it seems to have spurned them onto new levels as we came home with 16 British Champions, 14 runners up and 32 bronze medalists. Special mention goes to Kori Fital who took an amazing 4 Gold medals which we believe no one else has done. Also Eilidh Ritchie put in an amazing performance in the pairs kumite after Rachel couldn't fight on after the first round. Eilidh had to win her fights by 8 points and got her "team" into the final by fighting through 3 or 4 rounds single handedly. Unfortunately she got beat in the final but in our eyes you are a winner.
11th May - Northern Open Classic (updated)
CEK's main squad endured a  long coach trip south to compete in the Northern Open Classic held in Warrington. Even though we were on the road from 6am it was another successfull trip as we returned with 11 Gold, 7 Silver & 10 Bronze. Good effort from everyone.
Full results now available
11th May - Dublin Open
CEK had 4 members that traveled over to Dublin for the open championships as part of an SKF squad and all 4 returned with medals, very well done to the following:
Morgan Cunningham - Gold
Claire Logan - Silver
Aaron Jardine - Silver
Rebecca Craig - Bronze
3rd May - CEK Fight Night Fundraiser
Last Saturday saw CEK hold its second fight night fund raiser at the Wiremill Club in Musselburgh. This year it was girls v boys over 2 rounds of fights. The first round was a clear win by the boys however round 2 say the girls pull it back to a dead heat. This meant it had to go to a tie breaker between Olivia Hand & Barry Douglas, which Barry just edge the win by 1 single point. On the night we raised 275 from the sale of raffle tickets and after paying for all costs associated with the night 710 was made from the sale of the tickets. Thank you to everyone who helped to organise and run the night but especially to Sharon Dobson.
CEK would like to thank the following people for their continued support off our club funds to the tune of 700:
John Conkey - Cochranes Motor Company
Pat Kelly - Balmoral Motor Company
Alex Campbell - North Road Garage
Kenny - Port Dundas Car Sales
Danny Flynn - Flynn Motor Group
Alex Cargill - Mobile Motor Mechanic
Wendy Edgar- Wendy's Take Away
Ron Reilly - Millenium Motors

Please be assured that this will be used to advance our students to new levels.
25th May - Wado Karate Scotland Kata C'ships
CEK went along to the Wester Hailes Eduction Centre in Sighthill, Edinburgh with a small select squad to compete in the Kata Championships. All the kata training is really beginning to pay off as we returned with 3 gold medals, 2 silver & 1 bronze. Well done guys.

April 2014

26-27th April - Scottish Int Open C'ships
This past weekend saw CEK  competing at Meadowbank as part of the SKF squad. This year there were entries from as far a field as Canada, Greece, Malta & Iran to name but a few. After 2 days of competition CEK contributed to the SKF's medal tally by taking home 18 gold, 10 silver & 23 bronze.
This betters last years tally by taking 6 more gold & 4 silver less. Great effort guys.
Due to the upcoming bank holiday Monday (5th May) there will be no class at Dunbar that day, however even though the schools are still off on the Tuesday classes at Windygoul Primary are still running at normal times.
During Chris' 25+ years of karate he has won many titles including the Scottish, British, European  and Commonwealth Championships. It was after achieving his Scottish All Styles (heavy weight) and Wado European Champion (heavy weight) titles that Chris decided to retire from the national squad and to take up coaching.
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